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We are 4brownbag

Not Just a Bulk / Mass
e-Mailing Solution

It is a Bag Full of Style & Commitment
In-house mailing solution – A great way to stay in touch with your customers


About us

For us a good mailing campaign should build some rapport, deliver a compelling reason to call later,
and prepare the recipient for your follow-up.


Our beginning

We did;nt discover ourselves, we defined ourselves in the realm of technology. The vital component of e-mailing matrix resides in one of our bag.


Our Religion is Successful Campaign

Our quest is not just the deliverability, proactive e-commerce and see through conversion is our ultimate goal. We call it outside the bag thinking.


Translate Prospects into Sales

Our multi dimensional approach helps you target your audience through interactive mailer and social media both.


Special Promotional Bags



Basic Goodies Pack

Design, Deliver, Maintain

Capitalise on low hanging fruit to remarket your existing customer base.

We design professional campaigns for you and deliver the same to your own database.

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Big Loyalty

Super Digital Marketing Bag

Explore and grow with the power of digital marketing. Service includes your various paid campaigns on social media and search engines, Plus unlimited Newsletters to growing customer base.

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4brownbag develops customer loyalty & draws customers closer to your business.
We achieve this by offering better bargains to customers.


Worldwide delivery

We understand the parameters of deliverability across the globe. We ensure your campaign reaches the audience first time and every time.

Gain Credibility

Promising Delivery – Directly to inbox of your customers @upto 75k emails per hour. Take advantage of our unique set of offerings.

Free Return

If you are not satisfied with our services during the trial (our trial offers 14k emails delivery), we assure you 100% of full refund with no questions asked.


Our philosophy is pretty simple: we don’t take promotions or life too seriously. Find the right answer!

Help you grow your customer base holistically in order to predominate extensible business parallels for reliability and brand recall orientations.

True style never dies

A true successful campaign is not only the one that speaks for you but the one that gives you conversion.

Perfect Fit For Your Customers

Each campaign has a different object and thus not only the design but the set of audience is also a variable. We know what to send, when to send and how to convert.

We work the way you work

We do not ask for replacement of your product. For us your perception and workability is what we need to take next level.